Heidelberg Mambo Marathon
28th to 31st July 2017
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The Heidelberg Mambo Marathon

We hereby invite you to join the first Mambo Marathon in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a wonderful medieval city located in the south west of Germany in between Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart along the Neckar.

We want to create a true Mambo experience by bringing together top DJs, enthusiastic dancers, a fantastic venue and to remove all possible distractions.

This is your Mambo Marathon!
Friday 28st to Monday 31st July 2017
Heidelberg, Germany

This is your invitation.

The Marathon

We have two beautiful rooms with perfect wooden floor, great sound and athmospheric light.

One of them measures 250m² and will be used to dance. The other one measures 160m² and will be at your disposal as a lounge for relaxing and chilling in between the many dances.


We have selected a total of eight DJs who will be spinning 48 hours through the weekend.

Food & Water

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets will be provided to ensure you have the energy to dance till you drop. As well as free water!


We will not be having shows but our Jack and Jill social competition will allow you to inspire each other.


The Location

Salsa Akademie Heidelberg
Im Bosseldorn 23/2
69126 Heidelberg

How to reach the venue?

Directions and links

Prefer bus or shuttle?

Here are the most convenient bus and shuttle services at our area.

Bla Bla Car

Have a pure social experience and share your ride!

Meet Our Team

Our marathon is brought to you by dancers for dancers and have selected amazing DJs for you.
DJ Willy

You will not forget...

DJ Willy
Patrick El Clasico

I cannot wait to bring my flavour.

DJ El Clasico
DJ Rumbero

I will bring down the house...

DJ Rumbero
DJ Leon

Pure fun and Flavour...

DJ Leon

DJ Monik

I will make you dance until you drop.

DJ Monik

DJ Marian

You will feel my groove.

DJ Marian
Czech Republic

DJ Morena

I will make you lose control...

DJ Morena

DJ Mamborado

Bringing down the house with music

DJ Mamborado

Meet Our Organisers

This marathon is brought to you by

Bringing you the best Salsa and West Coast Swing.

  • I want to be moved by music, dance and be inspired by those around me. This immerse music and Salsa experience is just perfect.
    Marian Grocky
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Imagine a weekend of music and dancing with no distractions.
    This is a dream come true.
    Toan Hoang
    London, England



Prices are changing increasingly towards the date of event. The sooner you book, the better deal you get.

There is nothing to be waiting for but amazing dances, music and atmosphere of the event!

Early Bird


  • Until 30th March



  • Until 30th April



  • Until 31th May



  • Until 30th June

Until July 14


  • Until the 14th July

After July 14


  • Until 28th July

Tickets to the Heidelberg Mambo Marathon are non refundable and non transferrable. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. The team will aim for a 50 / 50 split between leaders and followers.


The following are recommended hotels for who to stay in.

Steffis Hostel Heidelberg

Alte Eppelheimer Str. 50
69115 Heidelberg
Tel : +49 6221 7782772
Email: info@hostelheidelberg.de
Website: Steffis Hostel

B&B Hotel Heidelberg

Rudolf- Diesel-Str. 7
69115 Heidelberg
Tel : +49 6221 13720
Email: heidelberg@hotelbb.com
Website: B&B Hotel Heidelberg

Hotel Heidelberg

Heuauerweg 35 – 37
69124 Heidelberg
Tel : +49 6221 71040

Residenz Heidelberg

Rathausstrasse 45
D-69126 Heidelberg
Tel: (+49) 06221/3129-0
Email: info@residenz-heidelberg.de
Website: Residenz Heidelberg

Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg

Pleikartsförster Str. 101
69124 Heidelberg
Tel: (+49) (0)6221 - 788 0
Email: info.heidelbergkirchheim@leonardo-hotels.com
Website: Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg

Garni Hotel Diana Heidelberg

Rohrbacher Straße 152
69126 Heidelberg
Tel : +49 6221 31914-29
Email: info@garnihoteldiana.de
Website: Garni Hotel Diana Heidelberg

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